Sacred Honor Wellness

Tanya Gore - Reflexology/Reiki


This was my first time that I tried reflexology, so I wasn’t sure what was going to be done and how I was going to respond.

I suffer from mild depression it gets worse in the winter months; I also have trouble relaxing. I have tried acupuncture and massages. Acupuncture seems to work for a while but then stops and massages make me sick the day after. So I went to Tanya to see what reflexology is all about.

I was surprised how I started to relax in the chair. I was even more impressed when she asked if I had IBS. My answer was yes. She told me that I had forgotten to write it on the paper that she had asked me to fill out. To me that was amazing right there, and after my treatment I went home and felt relaxed and slept very well that night.

On the fourth day following the reflexology treatment, I called Tanya to tell her how great I still felt.  I still had increased energy and I still felt relaxed.  I will recommend her treatment to others.

Anonymous (2013)